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Real Turkish Delight has a jelly consistency, like marshmallows, and has fruit and nuts with a covering of confectioner's sugar, says Jordan Bayazit, the Turkish owner of Bayco Confectionery, the only major North American manufacturer of Turkish Delight, which it makes exclusively.

Famously featured in the popular books and movie by C.S. Lewis, The Chronicles of Narnia and the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, turkish delight is a delicious, fruit-flavored gel candy and is a favorite confection for generations.  Bayco Confectionery has always been associated with quality products. In accordance with a traditional Turkish recipe passed down through generations, each batch of Turkish Delight is precisely and caringly handcrafted to create a unique product, delicately flavored and lightly scented. We use all natural ingredients to create our many varieties of Turkish Delight.
Ingredients for FRUIT flavored and/or assorted Turkish Delight: Sugar, water, corn starch, natural flavors, cream of tartar, natural colors.

May contain traces of nuts and shells.
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